Paraguay Special Projects

Alto Refugio (High Refuge) HIV/AIDS Ministry | Give to this project
The EMC Board of Missions contributes $700 per month to purchase milk and medicines for those who come to Alto Refugio for assistance.

2018 Project Goal: $8,500


Alto Refugio Promotion| Give to this project
To assist Beto and Elsie Hein, Directors of Alto Refugio, with their flight costs for a seven-day visit in July or August 2018 to promote Alto Refugio.

2018 Project Goal: $500


Alto Refugio Training | Give to this project
To assist Alto Refugio in sending four leaders to the Haggai institute for theological training.

2018 Project Goal: $1,200


Benevolence Fund | Give to this project
To assist with medical costs for Wilson, an 18-year-old in Minga Guazu. He had a motorcycle accident on Dec. 24, 2017, and broke both legs (one which needed pins) along with other injuries. 

2018 Project Goal: $600


Bible School Scholarships | Give to this project
For two scholarships to the IBA Bible School in Asuncion. One student is from Caaguazu (1st year) and the second is from the Roque Alonso church (2nd year). The scholarships cover 70% of the IBA costs.

2018 Project Goal: $5,570

Missionary Children's Education Give to this project
Travis and Rosey Zacharias' two children are in a private elementary school in Paraguay.

2018 Project Goal: $1,800   

  MBN Daily Radio Program SupportGive to this project
Daily program broadcasting for Radio Mensajero. The programming cost per day is approximately $90.

2018 Project Goal: $2,500 

  Santa Teresa Church BuildingGive to this project
To assist with the construction costs of a new church building in Santa Teresa.

2018 Project Goal: $5,000

  Santa Teresa Medical Project Give to this project

Misión Viva's ministry to the Indians in Santa Teresa includes medical services including paying for hospital fees, operations, ambulance and pharmaceutical supplies.

2018 Project Goal: $5,000